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The Alt-Right Playbook: How to Radicalize a Normie - 41:34
Say, for the sake of argument, your friend Gabe is starting to worry you.
Gabe’s always been just, you know, a regular guy. Not very political. He likes video games, sci-fi, comics, Star Wars, and anime. White guy shit. The only offbeat thing about him is you suspect there’s like a 20% chance he’s a furry. For all intents and purposes, Gabe is a normie.
But recently Gabe’s been spending a lot of time on some radically conservative forums, and listening to radically conservative podcasts, and picking some radically conservative arguments with you and your friends. You never would have expected this, not from Gabe, and, given the speed it’s happened, it’s worrying to think where it might be headed.
How have the Alt-Right gotten their hooks into your friend? ...
Step 1: Identify the Audience
What you need to know before we begin is: around 2013, the Nazis went online.
Hate groups in the US, as tracked by the Southern Poverty Law Center, had been growing in number since the noughts, but, between 2012 and 2014, they dropped by almost a quarter. Patriot groups dropped by over a third. However, hate crimes stayed about the same. Radical conservatism was not shrinking, but decentralizing. Still radical, still often violent, but now full of white nationalist nomads unlikely to join a formal organization.
This didn’t make them harmless. What it did was protect their asses from the typical hate group cycle: getting the public’s attention, making allies in conservative media, swelling their numbers, and then eventually disgracing themselves with failures, infighting, and, often enough, members committing horrific acts of violence, which come with social and sometimes legal consequences for all the other members.
So the Alt-Right and their fellow travelers these days don’t so much have members. They have hashtags, followers, viewers, and subscribers. This insulates them from their own audience. If Gabe, as a member of that audience, were to go out and commit a crime on their behalf, there’d be little doubt they had a hand in radicalizing him, but it’d be very hard to claim they told him to do it. On some of these sites, where Gabe spends hours and hours of his day, he’s never created an account or left a comment; the people radicalizing him don’t even know he’s there.
This distributed nature is what makes the Alt-Right, and the movements connected to it, unique. (You may remember a notable proof-of-concept for this strategy.) Doing almost everything online has, as compared with traditional hate movements, dramatically increased their reach and inoculated them from consequence. The trade-off, as we will see, is a lack of control.
And so we come to Gabe.
Gabe exists at the intersection of the kinds of people the Alt-Right is looking for - straight white cis men who feel emasculated by modern society, primarily, though they do make exceptions - and the kinds of people who are vulnerable to recruitment. Gabe fits the first profile in that he got bullied in high school, and often feels he has to hide his nerdy side for fear of getting ridiculed. The Alt-Right also has success with men who can’t get laid or recently got divorced or feel anxious about an influx of non-white people in their community. These things can make one feel like less than the confident white man they’re “supposed” to be. And it’s the closest they will ever come to being minoritized.
Regarding the second profile, it’s important to know that Gabe is not categorically different from you or me. He’s a cishet white dude - his problems are not unique. There isn’t a ton of research into the demography of the Alt-Right, but there may be a higher-than-average chance Gabe has a history of being abused or comes from a broken home. You don’t know if it’s true of Gabe, he’s never said. But most abuse survivors don’t become Nazis. The things that make people like Gabe recruitable tend to be situational: it happens often during periods of transition, as dramatic as the death of a loved or as benign as moving to a new city. Things that make people ask big life questions. Gabe has concerns like economic precarity, not knowing his place in a changing world, stressful working conditions. In other words, Gabe is suffering under late capitalism, same as everyone, and it’s entirely plausible he could have gone down the path to becoming a Leftist.
This is not to make an “economic anxiety” argument: the animating force of the Far Right is and always has been bigotry. But the Alt-Right targets Gabe by treating his “economic anxiety” as one of many things bigotry can be sold as a solution to. It is their aim that, when dissatisfied white men go looking for answers, they find the Alt-Right before they find us.
Step Two: Establish a Community
Were Gabe pledging an old-school hate movement, there would probably be a recruiter to usher him into an existing community. But that’s the kind of formalized interaction modern extremists try to avoid. Online extremism has many points of entry, and everybody’s journey is unique, so rather than be comprehensive we will focus on what are, in my estimation, the two most common pathways: the Far Right creates a community Gabe is likely to stumble into, or infiltrates a community Gabe is already in.
The stumble-upon method has two main branches, one of which is just “Gabe ends up on a chan board,” which we’ve already done a video about. The other is kind of the polar opposite of 4chan’s cult of anonymity: Gabe ends up in the fandom of a Far Right thought leader.
These folks are charismatic media personalities (that’s charismatic according to Gabe’s tastes, not ours; I don’t understand it, either). These personalities may gain traction on any number of platforms, from podcasts to reportage to blogging, though the most effective platform for redpilling is, and yes I am biting the hand that feeds me, YouTube. They may get Gabe’s attention through fairly standard means, like talking about or even generating controversy to get themselves trending, while some of the more committed will employ dubious SEO tactics like clickbait, google bombing, and data voids (just pause for definitions, we don’t have time).
What they tend to have in common, especially the most accessible ones, is that they don’t present themselves as entry points to the radical Right. In fact, many did not set out to be Far Right thought leaders, and may not think of themselves as such (though they are often selling products, of which the Alt-Right are among their biggest purchasers, and it’s not like they’re turning the money away). How they present is the same way anyone presents who wants to be successful on social media: accessible, approachable, authentic. The face-to-face relationship a budding extremist forms with their recruiter or the leader of their hate group’s local chapter are here folded into one parasocial relationship with a complete stranger.
Why this person appeals to Gabe is they’re not selling politics as politics, but conservatism as a kind of lifestyle brand. They rely heavily on criticizing or ridiculing the Left: feminists are oversensitive, Black people unintelligent, queer folks doomed to loneliness, and trans people insane; I dunno if it’s a coincidence that these are all things Gabe thinks about himself in his low moments. By contrast, they don’t sell conservatism as having sounder policies or a more coherent moral framework, but that abandoning progressive principles and embracing conservative ones will make Gabe happier. Remember, Gabe isn’t looking for white nationalism or misogyny, what he wants is the cure to soul-sickness, and these friendly micro-celebs are here to offer a shot of life advice with politics as the chaser. It is extremely important that politics be presented as a set of affects, not a set of beliefs.
The second pathway is infiltration, which is its own beast. Media personalities sometimes become gateways to the Right almost by accident: they do something edgy, a part of their audience reacts positively, and, facing no real consequence, they do it more; this leads to further positive reinforcement from conservative fans, the rest of the audience acclimates, and the cycle repeats, the personality pushing the envelope further and further based on what flies with their increasingly conservative audience. In this way, they become a right-wing figure by both radicalizing and being radicalized by their audience.
Infiltration is deliberate.
The Far Right will reliably target any community that has 1) a large, white, male population, 2) whose niche interests allow them to feel vaguely marginalized, and 3) who are not used to progressive critique of said interests. This isn’t to say progressive critique doesn’t exist, or hasn’t been baked into the property from the beginning, but that it has been, so far, easy for white guys to ignore. As such, progressives within that community probably don’t talk politics much, and women and minorities are perfectly welcome to post, same as anyone, but just, you know, don’t, don’t make identity politics, you know, like, a thing.
Given Gabe’s proclivities, he’s probably already in a number of fan communities where he can geek out and not get teased. And this is where the Far Right will go looking for him
Communities are at their most vulnerable to infiltration at times of political discord. This can happen naturally - say, a new property in the fandom has a Black protagonist - or it can be provoked - say, a bunch of channers join the forum and say provocative things about race to get people arguing - or both. Left to its own devices, the community might sort out its differences and maybe even come out more progressive than they started. But, with the right pressure applied in the right moment, these communities can devolve into arguments about the need to remove a nebulously-defined “politics” from the conversation.
The adage about bros on the internet is “‘political’ means anything I disagree with,” but it’d be more accurate to say, here, “‘political’ means anything on which the community disagrees.” For instance, “Nazis are bad” is an apolitical statement because everyone in the community agrees. It’s common sense, and therefore neutral. But, paradoxically, “Nazis are good” is also apolitical; because “Nazis are bad” is the consensus, “Nazis are good” must be just an edgy joke, and, even if not, the community already believes the opposite, so the statement is harmless. Tolerable. However, “feminism is good” is a political statement, because the community hasn’t reached consensus. It is debatable, and therefore political, and you should stop talking about it. And making political arguments, no matter how rational, is having an agenda, and having an agenda is ruining the community.
(Now, it is curious how the things that provoke the most disagreement tend to be whichever ones make white dudes uncomfortable. One of life’s great, unanswerable mysteries.)
You can gather where this is going: a community that doesn’t tolerate progressivism but does tolerate Nazism is going to start collecting Nazis, Nazis whose goal is to drive a wedge between the community and the Left. Once the Left acknowledges, “Hey, your community’s developing a Nazi problem,” the Nazis - who are, remember, trusted, apolitical members of the community who might just be kidding about all the Nazi shit - say, “Did you hear that, guys?! Those cultural Marxists just called all of us Nazis!” Wedge. Similarly, any community members who say, “but Nazis though” are framed as infiltrators pushing an agenda, even if they’ve been there longer than the Nazis have. They get the wedge, too.
This is how fandoms radicalize. They are built as - yeah, I’ll say it - safe spaces for nerds, weebs, and furries, and are told that the Left is a threat to their safety. Given a choice between leaving a community that has mattered to him for years and simply adjusting to the community’s shifting politics, the assumption is that Gabe will stay. This assumption is right often enough that a lot of fandoms have been colonized.
What is true of both of these methods - Gabe finding the Right or the Right finding him - is that Gabe does not come nor stay for the ideology. He’s here for the community, the sense of belonging, of being with his people, of having his fears validated and his enjoyment shared. The ideology is simply the price of admission.
Step Three: Isolate
There is a vast, interconnected network of Far Right communities out there, and Gabe is, at this point, only on the periphery. In order to keep him in, they need to disrupt his relationships to other communities, and become, more and more, his primary online social space. Having made this space hostile to the Left, they now seek to break his connections to progressives elsewhere in his life.
This is hard to do online. The whole appeal of moving radicalism to the internet is that your away-from-keyboard life doesn’t have to change. You are crypto the moment you log off. Some thought leaders will encourage their audience to cut ties with Family of Origin, or “deFOO,” but, even then, they can’t monitor whether the audience has actually done it the way an in-person movement could. And so alienating Gabe from the Left is less controlled, and, consequently, may be less total. How much Gabe isolates is up to him.
But the vast majority of Far Right media presumes an alienation from the Left. Part of conservative bloggers and YouTubers making the Left look pathetic is doing a lot take-downs and responses. This is a constant repetition of the Left’s arguments for the purpose of mockery, and, for Gabe, it starts to replace any engagement with progressive media directly. He soon knows the Left only through caricature. It also trains him, if he does directly engage, to approach the Left with the same combative stance as his role models. (For reference, see my comment section.) And this is only if he doesn’t partake in one of the many active boycotts of “SJW media.”
In addition to mocking the Left’s arguments, they also, curiously, appropriate them. This is one part sanitization: liberal centrism is more socially acceptable; indeed, many figures on the outer layers think of themselves as moderates, even as they serve as gateways to radicalism. But, also, many of Gabe’s problems could be addressed by progressive leftism, so they sell him racist, sexist versions of it. Yes, there is a problem with workers being underpaid and overextended, but the solution isn’t unions, it’s deporting immigrants; yes, there is a chronic loneliness and anger to being a man in the modern age, but it’s not because of the toxic masculine expectations placed on you by the patriarchy, it’s women being slutty; yes, wealth disparity does mean a tiny percentage of elites have more influence over culture and politics than the rest of us combined, but the problem isn’t capitalism, it’s the Jews. And it’s hard for Gabe to reject these ideas without, in the process, rejecting the progressive ideas they’re copied from; the Right’s “take the red pill” is, to the untrained eye, similar to the Left’s “get woke.” (Or, at least, the bowdlerized version of “get woke” that is no longer specifically about race which came to fashion when white people started saying it, grumble grumble.)
Take the red pill or reject them both; either is a step to the right.
As this rhetoric slips into his day-to-day conversation, even as seemingly harmless “irreverence,” it may strain relationships with people who are not entertained by this shit. Off-color comments about race and gender can certainly be wearying for female and non-white friends, which can lead to a passive distance or an eventual confrontation [“why is everyone but me so sensitive?!”], which only seem to confirm what his reactionary community says about liberal snowflakes. If he says these things on social media, he may get his account suspended, and, if he comes back under an alt, you can bet his new reactionary friends will be the first to reconnect, applaud the behavior that got him banned, and repeat should he get banned again. A few cycles of this and he’s lost touch with everyone else.
Also, his adoption of the insular, meme-laden terminology of this community makes him less and less comprehensible to outsiders.
Over time, sources of information get replaced with community-approved ones: conservative news, conservative YouTube, conservative Wikipedia if he’s really committed. The Algorithm soon takes note and stops recommending media from the Left. He stops watching shows with a “liberal agenda,” which usually means shows starring women and people of color. Now, there is evidence that the human mind responds to fictional characters similarly to real people, and that consuming diverse media can decrease bigotry in ways roughly analogous to having a diverse group of friends, which is one of many reasons we say representation matters. By consuming a homogenous media diet, Gabe stymies his ability to have even parasocial relationships with anyone who isn’t a cishet conservative white dude or one of their approved exceptions.
To the extent that any of this happens, it happens at Gabe’s discretion and at his own chosen pace. It has not been forced on him, only encouraged and rewarded. But the fact that it hasn’t been forced can make him all the more willing to accept it, because it seems safe to consider; even though his life and social circle are changing to accommodate, he does not feel committed. But many Gabes have walked these halls, and, if they close the door behind them, there’s nowhere left to go but down.
Step Four: Raise their Power Level
(…and they say we ruined anime.)
Consider the ecosystem of the Alt-Right as layers of an onion, with Gabe sitting at the edge and ready to traverse towards the center. (No, I’m not just going to reiterate the PewDiePipeline, though, if you haven’t seen it, go do that.)
The outer layer of the onion is extremism at its most plausibly deniable. Without careful scrutiny, the public-facing figureheads could pass as dispassionate, and the websites as merely problematic rather than softly fascist. It is valuable if Gabe believes this as well; that, at this stage, he believe the bigotry is simply trolling, the extremists an insignificant minority, and any report of harassment faked. That he believe where he is is as deep as the rabbit hole goes. And that he continue to believe this at each successive layer.
People in the deepest crevices of the Alt-Right self-report getting redpilled on multiple issues at different times in their journey to the center of the onion. If Gabe’s first red pill is about the SJWs coming for his free speech, he’ll think that’s all anyone in his community believes; there’s no racism here, people are just making a point about their right to use slurs. Then, when he gets redpilled on the white genocide, he’ll laugh at those Alt-Lite cucks who tried to sweep the race realists under the rug, and at himself for having once been one, but acknowledge that those channels and websites are still useful for onboarding people, so he won’t denounce them. At the same time, nobody takes those manosphere betas seriously.
And this process is reiterated with every pill swallowed: gender essentialism, autogynephilia, birtherism, Sandy Hook truth, pizzagate, QAnon if he’s really out there. The heart of the onion is typically the Jewish Question, but these can happen in any order, and in any number. But each layer sells itself as being, finally, the ultimate truth. Each denies the validity of the others; the layers ahead don’t exist, they’re made up my liberals, while the people behind are asleep where you are now awake. That’s why they chose “the red pill” as their metaphor: take it, and everything will be revealed. That’s why it cozies up with conspiracism. But what’s supposed to follow is that this knowledge help Gabe in some way, and it doesn’t. Blaming immigrants doesn’t actually fix the economy, and hating women doesn’t make men less lonely. But, having been alienated from everything outside the onion, once that sinks in, the only recourse on offer is to seek out the next pill.
And pills are easy to find. Those within the network have laissez-faire relationships, even as they, on paper, disavow one another. When they need a source or a guest host, they aren’t going to go to the Left; they’re going to feature each other. The Left is the enemy; their ideas are beneath consideration, and the only reason to engage them is for public humiliation. [Shapiro’s book.] But you can interview “western chauvinists” and that doesn’t mean you’re endorsing them, just, you know, it’s fine to hear ‘em out, nothing should be off-limits in the marketplace of ideas. Besides, Nazis are apolitical.
And because these folks keep showing up in each others’ metadata, regardless of what they say, Google thinks there is definitely a relationship between the guy “just asking questions” and the guy denying the Holocaust. Gabe is softly exposed to many flavors of conservatism just slightly more radical than he is now, and is expected, at the very least, to not question their presence. This is an environment where deradicalizing - listening to the Left - would be sleeping with the enemy, but radicalizing further? You do you, buddy.
Gabe’s emotional journey, however, is somewhat more complex. If you’ve spent any time reading or watching reactionary media you’ve probably noticed it’s really. fucking. repetitive. It’s a few thousand phrasings of the same handful of arguments. Like, there’s only so many jokes about attack helicopters! But these people just crank out content, and most of it’s derivative; the reason to pick one personality over another isn’t because they say something different, but because they say it differently. Gabe just picks the affect it’s delivered in.
Repetition dulls the shock of the most egregious statements, making them appear normal and prepping him for more extreme ideas. Meanwhile, the arguments themselves? They’re not good. (BreadTube will never run out of shit to debunk.) They are repetitive because they’re not good. They’re mantric. A good argument you only need to hear one time; if you can follow it, internalize it, and explain it to someone else, you know you’ve understood it. But a bad argument can’t convince you on its own merits, so it will often rely on affect. This can be the snappy, thought-terminating cliche, or the long, winding diatribe that sounds really sensible while you’re hearing it but when someone asks you for the gist you can only say “go watch these 17 videos and it’ll all make sense.” Both these approaches are largely devoid of content, but, gosh, if they don’t sound sure of themselves.
And that mode can be very persuasive, but it doesn’t stick the way a coherent argument does. It needs to be repeated, the affect replenished, because the words matter less than the delivery. There needs to be a steady stream of confident voices saying “we’ve got this figured out and everyone else is stupid” or Gabe’s gonna notice the flaws. They are not well-hidden.
And the catch-22 of returning to that stream over and over is that these communities are stressful even as they are calming. People afraid they will die virgins go to forums with people who share and validate that fear, and also say, “Yes, you will die a virgin.” People afraid Syrians are coming to kill us all watch videos by people who share and validate that fear, and also say, “Yes, Syrians are coming to kill us all.” Others have already pointed out that rubbing your face in your worst anxieties is a form of digital self-harm, but I need to you understand the toxic recursion of it: Gabe is going to these communities to get upset. Every emotion is converted into anger, because sadness, fear, and despair are paralyzing but anger is motivating; Gabe feels less helpless when he’s pissed off. And so, while he’s topping up on reassuring nonsense, he’s also topping up on stress. And, being cut off from everything outside the network, the only place he knows to go to release that stress is back to the place that gives it to him. It’s a feedback loop, pulling him deeper and deeper on the promise that, at some point, relief will come.
It is a similar dynamic that keeps people in abusive relationships.
When someone in Gabe’s community makes a racist joke, they are presenting Gabe with a choice between the human interaction of laughing with his friends and his societal responsibility not to be a fuckin’ racist. And not laughing seems ridiculous; everybody’s friends here; no one’s getting hurt; this is harmless. And so the irreverent race joke draws a line between the personal and the political, and suggests that one can be safely prioritized over the other. One way to look at radicalization is being asked to stick with that seemingly innocuous decision as the stakes are raised incrementally: first with edgier humor, and then comments that are funny because they’re shocking but you couldn’t really call them jokes, and then “funny” comments that are also sincerely angry, but, in each instance, since he laughed with his bros last time, it stands to reason he should keep favoring the personal over some abstracted notion of “politics.”
This is why the progressive adage “the personal is political” is among the most threatening things you can say in these spaces.
I’m not trying to make a slippery slope argument. Most of us who laughed at edgy jokes when we were teenagers didn’t grow up to be Nazis. It is a slippery slope in the specific context of being in community with people trying to radicalize you. Gabe is a lonely white boy in need of friends, and laughing at a racist joke is personal, while not laughing is political. Staying in a community that has Nazis in it is personal, and leaving is political. The personal is what brings people together and the political drives them apart. (The “only if some of them are bigots” part of that sentence is usually lopped off). There’s this joke on the internet that nerds perceive only two races: white and political. Following that logic, what could be more apolitical than an ethnostate?
They are banking on his willingness to adapt his beliefs to suit an environment that meets a need. That same need can be satisfied by white nationalism. There are few things more seductive to people who doubt their own worth than being told you are valuable simply for being white. And you can sub in male, cis, straight, allosexual, or able-bodied. It just takes priming: by the time Gabe officially embraces bigotry, he’s already been acting like a bigot for months. The red pill is simply the moment he says it out loud.
Change Gabe’s surroundings, and you change Gabe.
Step Five: ???
The final step in a traditional extremist group would be getting a mission. But that is one thing the Alt-Right can’t do. Once you start giving clear directives, you can’t play yourselves off as a bunch of unaffiliated hashtags and think tanks; you are now a formalized movement accountable to its followers, and can be judged and policed as such.
To my mind, Charlottesville was an attempt to become such a movement, taking things offline and getting all the different groups working collectively. And, as so often happens when these people get in the same space - especially with no official leaders or means of control over their members - it backfired. Their true colors came out before they were ready and a counter-protester lost her life.
This would be the point where, historically, an extremist group starts to disintegrate. Their veneer of respectability gone, they’re now hated by the public, the media wants nothing more to do with them, and everyone not in jail turns on each other or goes underground. This is also the point where the liberal establishment says, “My job here is done,” and utterly fails to retake control of the narrative, allowing the next batch of radicals to pick up more or less where the last one left off.
But to an already-decentralized group like the Alt-Right, Charlottesville was bad but eminently survivable. People retreated back to the internet, with its code words and anonymous forums, but that’s where much of the work was already done anyway. The platforms where they organized kept tolerating them, the authorities still didn’t classify them as terrorists, and any disgraced figureheads were replaced with up-and-comers.
The major change in strategy is that it doesn’t seem anyone has tried to formalize the Alt-Right since.
So where does that leave Gabe? He’s gone through this whole process of largely hands-off indoctrination - and I should stress his journey may look like what we’ve outlined or it may look different in places, this video is not comprehensive - but now he’s swallowed every pill he cares to, he blames half a dozen minorities for everything he sees as wrong with the world, and no one will give him anything to do. You’ve got this ad hoc movement frothing young men into a militant fervor and then just leaving them to stew in their own hate. Should we really be surprised at how many commit mass shootings?
This is a machine for producing lone wolves.
Leaving men to take up arms of their own volition is a way of enacting terror while being just outside the popular conception of a terror cell. There are also, of course, more classic militias that will offer Gabe clear directives - they’re recruiting from the same pool. And Gabe may stop short of this step, settling in a middle layer that suits him or finding the inner layers too extreme. But violence is the logical conclusion of an ideology of hate, and, should Gabe take this step, he can approach violence in the same incremental fashion he approached conservatism.
He can start with yelling at people on Twitter, and then maybe collective brigading, DDoS attacks, sharing dox, leaking nudes, calling their phone numbers, texting them pictures of their houses from the sidewalk. These acts of cruelty become games of oneupmanship within his community. All this can start as far back as Step 2, and get more intense the deeper he goes. Some people join explicitly partake in harassment and violence the way Gabe joined to talk about anime.
But this behavior can serve as a kind of buy-in. The Left and the feminists and the LGBTQs and the Muslims and the immigrants are all, within his community, subhuman. You’ve maybe heard the conservative catchphrase “feminism is cancer”; well don’t treat cancer by having a respectful exchange of ideas with it, but by eradicating it down to the last cell. Cruelty against the Left is framed as righteous.
From any other perspective, posting someone’s bank information is something you might feel ashamed of. Which creates a psychological imperative not to consider other perspectives. A thing that keeps people in is staving off the guilt they will reckon with the moment they step out. Gabe is also aware that anything he’s done to the Left could be done to him if he leaves; some communities even keep dox on their members as insurance. And the things he’s been encouraged to do to the Left will likely make him feel that the Left would never take him now; the radical Right is the only home he’s got. Harassment becomes another tool of isolation.
Steadily, options for Gabe are whittled down to being a vigilante or a nihilist. There are periods of elation: moments the Alt-Right feels it’s winning - or, more accurately, the people they hate are losing - are like cocaine. They are authoritarians, after all. But the times in between are mean and angry. They are antisocial, starved of emotional connection, consuming incompatible conspiracies that may at any point run them afoul of one another, devoted to figureheads who cater to but cannot risk leading them, and living under constant threat of being outed to the Left or turned on by the Right for stepping out of line. Gabe took this journey for the sense of community and purpose, and, but for the rare moments everything goes their way, the Alt-Right can’t maintain either. They can only keep promising his day will come, a story he could get from a $5 palm reading.
The feeling there’s nothing left but to kill yourself or someone else is so common it’s a meme.
But there is always a third option: Gabe can leave.
Pre-Conclusion: For Fuck’s Sake Do Not Make Gabe Your Whole-Ass Praxis
Before we continue, I want to state plainly that Gabe went off the deep end because he found a community willing to tell him that, because he is a cishet white man, the world revolves around him. Do not treat him like this is true.
If a fraction of the energy spent having debates with America’s Gabes were spent instead on voter re-enfranchisement, prisoner’s rights, protections for immigrants, statehood for DC and Puerto Rico, and redistricting, Gabe’s opinions, in the societal sense, wouldn’t matter. Reactionary conservatism is a small and largely unpopular ideology that is only so represented in our culture and politics because they’ve learned how to game the system.
And I get it. Those are huge problems that are going to take years to address, where, if you know a Gabe, that’s a conversation you could have today. And, if you think you can get through to him, it is worthwhile to try. This is a fight on many fronts and deradicalization is one of them. But it is only one, so please keep it in perspective. It sends an awful message when we spend more time trying to get bigots back on our side than we do the people they are bigoted against.
Your value as a lefty does not hinge on whether you can change Gabe’s mind.
Conclusion: How Gabe Gets Out
He may just grow out of it. These communities skew young, and some folks hit a point where hanging with edgy teens doesn’t feel cool anymore.
He may become disillusioned after the movement fails to deliver on its promises.
He may become disillusioned if something goes wrong in his life and his community isn’t there for him, if he feels they like his race and his gender but don’t actually care about him.
He may be shocked if he sees the Alt-Right at its worst before being appropriately conditioned. Charlottesville was a step too far for a lot of people.
His community may turn on him for any perceived unorthodoxy, and he may leave out of necessity.
He may be separated by circumstance from the community - a trip with no internet, hospitalization, arrest - and not be able to top up on the rhetoric. This may lead him to question his beliefs.
His community may disappear, either tearing itself apart or getting shut down by authorities.
He may have incidental contact with populations he’s supposed to hate, and have trouble reconciling who they are in person with what he’s been told about them. In his community, people bond over shared intolerance, but, suddenly, being tolerant helps him make friends. (This is one reason the Alt-Right has made a battleground of the college campus.)
He may form or revisit relationships outside the network, people who can offer him the connection he’s been looking for. This may reintroduce outside perspectives. More importantly, it rekindles his ability to have healthy relationships at all, something the Alt-Right has estranged him from.
As with recruiters, it seems these “escape hatch” relationships can sometimes be parasocial; coming to respect a public figure who is on the Left, or is critical of the Alt-Right.
Someone he is close to may compel him to choose, “me or the movement.” A lot of young men leave to save a romantic relationship.
Hearing stories from people who’ve already jumped may help; there aren’t a lot of public formers, and some raise suspicions as to their sincerity, but it is getting more common, and may be the closest we get to exit counseling for the Alt-Right.
He may become aware of the ways he’s being manipulated, or have them revealed to him, maybe because he stumbled into BreadTube, I dunno. Knowledge that you are being indoctrinated is no guarantee it won’t work - you are not immune to propaganda - but it can help one resist.
And he may revisit a core belief system that used to guide him, be it religion or social justice or a really wholesome fandom, and be reminded of the identity he used to have.
Moments like these, in isolation or in aggregate, can inspire Gabe to jump. They are also good times for friends to intervene. The reach and the impunity that comes with the internet means it has never been easier to fall into reactionary extremism. It has also never been easier to get out. People who exit skinhead gangs often fear for their lives; for Gabe, there’s a chance getting out is as simple as going to a different website. Much of his community does not know his name or his face and he may not important enough to dox.
What doesn’t get Gabe out - not reliably, not that I have seen - is an argument with a stranger who proves all his facts wrong and his ideology bunk. Facts don’t always work because facts don’t care about his feelings. This was about staying in a community, and holding onto an identity, that mattered to him. It was about belonging, and that is something a rando from the other side of the culture war can’t give him and probably shouldn’t be responsible for.
The theme here is human connection. Before he can do the work of disentangling himself, and facing the guilt of what he’s believed and maybe done, he has to know there’s somewhere for him on the other end of it. That the Right hasn’t ruined him. They’ve told him all of history is groups fighting each other over status, and, without his clan, he’ll be an exile. He needs a better story.
I don’t know that lefty spaces are ideal for this, in no small part because bringing someone who’s a bit of a Nazi but working on it into diverse communities is… questionable. And it probably wouldn’t be good for him, either; having just gotten out of a toxic belief system, he’s going to be deeply skeptical of all ideologies. In a perfect world, people who care about Gabe could build for him - to use a therapy term - a holding space. Someplace private - physical or digital - where Gabe can work out his feelings, where he is both encouraged and expected to be better but is not, in the moment, judged. That comes later. It is delicate and time-consuming work that should not be done in public, but we find these beliefs, built up over the course of months or years, tend to fall away very quickly with a shift of environment. Change Gabe’s surroundings and you change Gabe.
But, instead, a lot of people who jump are functionally deprogramming themselves, which is working for a lot of them, but it’s haphazard, and there are recidivists.
If you don’t personally know a Gabe, or have training as a counselor, you may not be in a position to help him. Possibly there are things you can do to disrupt the recruitment process or prevent infiltration of spaces you’re in - I’m looking into it, but talk to your mods - but, elephant in the room: meaningful change will require reform on the part of platform holders. Tools to disrupt this process already exist and are being used on groups like ISIS, but they’re not being used on the Alt-Right because they try oh so very hard not to get classified as terrorists (and also any functioning anti-radicalization policy would require banning a lot of conservative politicians, so there’s that…).
But what makes our story better than theirs is that the fight for social and economic justice, though it is long, and difficult, and frustrating, when it works, it fulfills the promise the Right can’t keep: it materially make people’s lives better. I am not prone to sentimentality, or to giving these videos happy endings. But one thing we have that the Alt-Right doesn’t is hope.*
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Week 47 Experts in authoritarianism advise to keep a list of things subtly changing around you, so you’ll remember.

Amid the chaos, major stories broke on Kushner and Ivanka’s use of personal email accounts, all of which were surreptitiously moved to a Trump Organization server. Mueller’s Russia probe continued full-steam, and news of a meeting with Christopher Steele indicated the dossier is likely being used as a roadmap. As in every weekly list, this week rights and protections were taken away from women and marginalized communities.
  1. Despite the humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico, for a second weekend since Maria hit, Trump golfed Saturday and Sunday at Trump properties. DoD reported Saturday that just 45% of Puerto Ricans have drinking water and 5% have electricity.
  2. Late Saturday, the WH sent flattering readouts of Trump’s conversations with a former governor of Puerto Rico, and the governors of Puerto Rico and the U.S.Virgin Islands. Readouts are typically reserved for calls with foreign leaders.
  3. Trump sent his most tweets in a day since taking office on Saturday (25): continuing his manufactured battle with the NFL, and his attacks on the fake news and the Mayor of San Juan.
  4. On Saturday, after his first tour of Puerto Rico, the DoD’s primary military liaison with FEMA, top general Jeffrey Buchanan, said the damage there is “the worst I’ve ever seen.”
  5. Fourteen Democrats on the House Natural Resources Committee called for an oversight hearing on the Trump regime’s handling of the Puerto Rico and USVI relief efforts.
  6. On Sunday night, in the deadliest mass shooting in modern US history, one man who owned 47 guns killed 58 and wounded hundreds. Trump said the quick response of law enforcement was “in many ways, a miracle.”
  7. In the aftermath of the shooting, top trending stories on Facebook and Google promoted politicized fake news from unreliable sources like 4chan which claimed the shooter was a Democrat opposed to Trump.
  8. While refusing to the call the white male shooter a terrorist, Trump referred to him as “a very sick man” and “demented.” The first bill Trump signed revoked Obama-era gun check for people with mental illness.
  9. NBC obtained the Trump WH talking points distributed for the Las Vegas shooting. They include “thoughts and prayers,” “gather facts before making policy arguments,” and comparisons to Baltimore and Chicago murders.
  10. On Saturday, funding for CHIP, the program which provided healthcare for 9 million children and pregnant women in low-income households, expired. No action was taken by Congress to renew it.
  11. Two high school football players in Crosby, TX were kicked off their high school football team for protesting during the national anthem — one knelt and one raised his fist.
  12. According to a reporter, at least two NFL teams were said to be bowing to pressure by Trump, and plan to create policies requiring their players to stand during the national anthem.
  13. Joining Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and the UAE, the US voted against a UN Human Rights Council resolution that condemns the death penalty for consensual same-sex sexual acts. The resolution passed by a 27-13 margin.
  14. A judge in Texas ruled that state officials would be violating state privacy laws if they handed over voters’ personal information to Trump’s Election Integrity Commission. The judge issued a temporary restraining order.
  15. Trump’s DOJ is investigating affirmative action at Harvard. The revelation came to light after watchdog group American Oversight filed a FOIA request for information on affirmative action investigations at two schools.
  16. Brownsville, TX city commissioner Cesar De Leon apologized after the release of a recording of his racist rant using the “n-word” about county and city officials. After initially refusing to, he resigned under pressure.
  17. BuzzFeed reported Trump regime lawyers asked a court to dismiss a lawsuit filed to halt Trump’s transgender military ban, saying the Pentagon hasn’t finalized the details of the ban yet.
  18. Six transgender soldiers who are part of the lawsuit say they have already suffered — their medical treatments have been canceled and their careers are being derailed — and hence they need immediate relief.
  19. On Wednesday, Sessions rolled back an Obama-era policy which protected transgender workers from discrimination, saying “Title VII does not prohibit discrimination based on gender identity per se.”
  20. On Friday, Trump rolled back Obamacare’s birth control mandate, allowing any employer to cite religious or moral objections to covering the cost of birth control for employees under their healthcare plan.
  21. On Friday, Sessions issued new guidelines which instructed federal agencies and attorneys to protect religious liberty. The policy provides broad exemptions to discriminate against women and LGBTQ people.
  22. ABC reported Sessions consulted with Alliance Defending Freedom, a Christian legal advocacy group that champions conservative causes, ahead of issuing the new guidelines.
  23. After Gov. Brown signed a law limiting cooperation between local police and ICE in CA, the Trump regime said it will go after undocumented immigrants and likely pick up “collateral” they were not initially targeting.
  24. Mother Jones reported according to documents released by a federal court, Kris Kobach tried to roll back voter protection by amending the National Voter Registration Act, adding requirements to make it harder to register to vote.
  25. On Tuesday, 14 days after Hurricane Maria decimated the island, Trump visited Puerto Rico. He praised federal and local officials for the response, but purposefully excluded the Mayor of San Juan.
  26. Trump complained about the costs of helping Americans in Puerto Rico, saying “you’ve thrown our budget a little out of whack because we’ve spent a lot of money.” Similar statements were not made about Texas or Florida.
  27. Trump hailed the relief response as “incredible” and “great,” and bragged that “only 16 people are known to have died,” many less than Katrina. Hours later, the death count rose to 34.
  28. In an image that became symbolic of his trip to Puerto Rico and his lack of empathy for the people, Trump went to a supply distribution point dressed in a dark suit, and tossed rolls of paper towels into a crowd.
  29. Oxfam took the unusual step of criticizing the US government. Oxfam said it is “outraged at the slow and inadequate response” by the Trump regime in Puerto Rico.
  30. Oxfam also announced it would be taking the rare step of intervening in an American disaster, pursuing its own two-pronged approach in Puerto Rico.
  31. CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta, who is in Puerto Rico, warned that tens of thousands could die for want of insulin, blood pressure medications, and antibiotics, as well as sweltering heat and lack of food and water.
  32. By Friday, the official death count in Puerto Rico reached 36, but as NPR reported, the actual toll is expected to be much higher with uncounted bodies piling up in places that have no way to communicate.
  33. Rep. Luis Gutiérrez, who traveled to Puerto Rico on his own expense, said the media reports are correct: the island is a humanitarian crisis. Gutiérrez said the Trump regime doesn’t “want you to know the truth.”
  34. WAPO reported FEMA removed statistics about drinking water access and electricity in Puerto Rico from their website on Thursday morning.
  35. Following a social media outcry, the statistics were restored on Friday afternoon. Stats reveal progress is extremely slow.
  36. On Wednesday morning, Trump said he would wipe out Puerto Rico’s debt, causing trading prices of Puerto Rico municipal bonds to plummet. Director of the Office Management and Budget Mick Mulvaney dialed back: “I wouldn’t take it word for word with that.”
  37. Politico reported on a third, previously undisclosed email account on Kushner and Ivanka’s private domain. The three accounts raise concern about the security of sensitive government documents.
  38. The third account has hundreds of emails from WH addresses. In addition to Kushner and Ivanka, personal household staff had access to the account for scheduling purposes.
  39. USA Today reported Kushner and Ivanka’s personal emails were redirected to Trump Organization server 2–3 days after public disclosure about the existence personal emails.
  40. The move also comes shortly after Mueller asked the WH to turn over records related to his investigation of Russia’s interference in the election.
  41. Rep. Elijah Cummings asked the FBI to investigate whether Kushner and Ivanka exposed classified information through their use of personal email and transfer to Trump Organization servers.
  42. The US Office of Special Counsel found Ambassador Haley violated the Hatch Act by promoting a House candidate on Twitter. Haley was given a warning. The investigation follows a complaint filed by CREW in June.
  43. WAPO reported, back in August, Trump saw an article about Republican-controlled Iowa requesting federal permission to fix its Obamacare markets. Trump’s instruction was, “Tell Iowa no.”
  44. Trump’s HHS taken many steps to suppress sign-ups for Obamacare including slashing grants for groups that help consumers, cutting the enrollment period in half, and reducing the advertising budget by 90%.
  45. McClatchy reported Kushner and Ivanka were both fined $200 for missing deadlines to submit financial reports required by government ethics rules. This is Kushner’s second time being fined for late filings.
  46. After receiving an 18-day filing extension, Kushner has made changes to his financial disclosure forms 39 times. In many cases, those changes were in response to questions from the OGE.
  47. Eli Miller, Sec. Mnuchin’s chief of staff, flew in hedge fund billionaire Nelson Peltz’s private jet to Palm Beach. The Treasury Department’s inspector general office has launched an inquiry.
  48. BuzzFeed reported the US intelligence unit of Mnuchin’s Treasury Dept has been violating domestic surveillance laws by spying on financial records of US citizens and companies.
  49. The Interior Dept’s inspector general opened an investigation into Sec. Zinke’s travel, including his use of taxpayer-funded charter and military planes, and his mixing of official trips with political appearances.
  50. NYT reported on EPA Chief Pruitt’s schedule: almost every day he has multiple meetings, sessions, or speaking engagements with top corporate executives and lobbyists of the industries the EPA regulates, but rarely does he meet with environmental groups or consumer or public health advocates.
  51. POLITICO reported, in a closed-door meeting with wealthy donors, Pence’s chief of staff Nick Ayers floated the idea of a “purge” of anti-Trump Republicans, saying they are blocking Trump’s legislative agenda.
  52. A federal judge in Phoenix dismissed the criminal case against Arpaio and accepted Trump’s pardon. In a blistering 14-page ruling, she held off on ruling on Arpaio’s request to throw out all orders in the case.
  53. Mother Jones reported 10-months in, Trump still hasn’t appointed someone to the job of National Protection and Programs Directorate, a position charged with protecting our elections from cyberattacks.
  54. In a letter to the WH, Cummings, the top democrat of the House Oversight Committee, asked Kellyanne Conway, known to have traveled with Price, to provide documentation related to all her non-commercial flights.
  55. Reuters reported Energy Sec. Perry took a charter flight from PA to OH the day before Price resigned. Commercial alternatives were available.
  56. WAPO reported Transportation Sec. Chao used government planes seven times including days trip to cities within an hour of DC, as well as for trips to France and Italy which cost taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars.
  57. NYT reported Mnuchin traveled on military jets seven times at a cost of more than $800k. The investigation by the OMB found while he broke no laws, Mnuchin gave loose justifications for the costly flights.
  58. Donald Jr. has delivered several speeches, earning as much as $100k per speech. His speeches raise ethics violation and conflict of interest concerns, especially as related to access to the WH.
  59. Trump’s Interior Dept. rejected 25 petitions to list a variety of species as endangered or threatened, including several linked to climate change. Trump has yet to nominate a director of the Fish and Wildlife Service.
  60. In response to a FOIA lawsuit, the Secret Service said it does not have a complete Mar-a-Lago visitor log. All the Secret Service has turned over so far is a one-page listing of 22 Japanese officials.
  61. Joel Clement, an Interior Dept. executive turned whistleblower who claimed the Trump regime retaliated against him for disclosing how climate change affects Alaska Native communities, resigned Wednesday.
  62. Guardian reported, in what may be a watershed case, US professor David Carroll is suing Cambridge Analytica in British Courts to ask for his personal data back. UK law allows for such requests, unlike US law.
  63. On Monday, Facebook shared that Russia purchased $100k worth of ads which reached about 10M Americans. More than half the ads were seen after the election, indicating Russia continues to meddle in US politics.
  64. WAPO reported on research by social media analyst Jonathan Albright which found Russian propaganda on Facebook may have been viewed by hundreds of millions, perhaps many billions.
  65. WSJ reported after internal debate, Facebook decided to scrap mention of Russia in a public report released on April 27 about manipulation of its platform during the 2016 election.
  66. Instead, in a significantly shortened report, Facebook blamed “malicious actors.” It is unclear how much Facebook knew at the time. Not until September 6 did Facebook identify Russia as the source of interference.
  67. Fast Company reported that after finding suspicious accounts on Instagram and calling Facebook to confirm, Facebook updated its blog post to clarify about 150 political ads sold to Russia showed up on Instagram.
  68. CNN reported Russian operatives targeted MI and WI with Facebook ads. Some of the ads were highly sophisticated in their targeting of key demographic groups in areas of the states that turned out to be pivotal.
  69. Trump won both states by under 1%: MI by 10.7k of 4.8M votes cast and WI by 22.7k votes. Congressional investigators want to know if Russia had any assistance from the Trump campaign.
  70. WSJ reported on the most significant security breaches in years: in 2015 Russian hackers stole NSA data. The breach could enable Russia to evade NSA surveillance and infiltrate US networks.
  71. The breach is the first confirmed time Kaspersky software was exploited by Russian hackers. As noted in Week 34, Kaspersky was trained at a KGB-sponsored technical school and worked in Russian military intelligence.
  72. Politico reported Trump loyalists are losing patience with multiple, continuing congressional Russia probes, saying they have distracted from his agenda and allowed Democrats to question the legitimacy of his win.
  73. WAPO said these loyalists are pushing Republicans chairing committees to wrap up their investigations and make the scandal disappear. An interim press briefing by Sen. Richard Burr and Sen. Mark Warner on Wednesday was cited as an example.
  74. Burr and Warner said they concurred with US intel’s assessment that Russia interfered in the 2016 election. They also said the issue of collusion is still open.
  75. Burr and Warner also detailed some threads of investigations including Russian efforts on social media, the April 2016 meeting at the Mayflower Hotel, and changes to the Republican Party platform.
  76. Burr said they had “hit a wall” with the Steele dossier because the author would not meet with them. On Thursday, Rachel Maddow reported that Christopher Steele is open to meeting with the Senate Intel Committee.
  77. On Wednesday, Reuters reported Mueller has taken over FBI inquiries into the Steele dossier as part of the special counsel’s Russia probe.
  78. On Thursday, CNN reported Mueller’s team met with Steele this past summer. The broad assertion of the dossier, that Russia waged a campaign to interfere in the election, is now accepted by US intel.
  79. The CIA and FBI took Steele’s research seriously enough they chose not to include it in the publicly released January report on Russian interference to avoid divulging the parts of the dossier they had corroborated and how.
  80. Three Russian owners of Alfa Bank, Mikhail Fridman, Petr Aven, and German Khan, sued Fusion GPS and its founder, claiming their reputations were unfairly tattered by the dossier. The three sued BuzzFeed in Week 28.
  81. Mother Jones reported Sen. Ron Wyden of the Senate Intel Committee does not concur with Burr’s statement that he can say certifiably there was no voter tampering. Wyden also questioned Burr’s handling of the investigation.
  82. Daily Beast reported the Senate Judiciary Committee is not investigating Russian interference, but engaging in routine oversight of the DOJ. Sources include a staffer for Grassley, Republican chair of the committee.
  83. WAPO reported Michael Cohen turned over documents to Congressional investigators and Mueller related to two, previously undisclosed contacts with Russians. These contacts are not related to Trump Tower Moscow.
  84. Cohen and a business associate emailed weeks before the Republican National Convention, about Cohen traveling to an economic conference in Russia attended by Putin and his top financial and government leaders.
  85. Cohen also received a proposal in late 2015 for a Moscow residential project from a company founded by a Russian billionaire who once served in the Russian parliament. Cohen maintains he never traveled to Russia.
  86. Foreign Policy reported in a previously undisclosed meeting: Rep Rohrabacher met with Veselnitskaya in Moscow two months prior to the infamous June 9 meeting with Donald Jr.
  87. Politico reported Trump lawyer Ty Cobb is putting the finishing touches on launching a legal defense fund to help mid-level WH staffers cover their legal costs related to Mueller’s Russia probe.
  88. Newsweek reported Robert Mercer, Bannon-ally and part owner of Cambridge Analytica, donated $200k to the Republican Party legal defense fund the day Trump fired Comey.
  89. The Atlantic revealed emails between Manafort and Kilimnik referenced in the WAPO story in Week 45. The emails suggest Manafort was extremely eager to please Russian oligarch Deripaska, and to get made whole.
  90. Kilimnik met Manafort on August 2 in NYC. Emails prior reference important messages about the “future of his country.” Days before, Trump said “Wouldn’t it be a great thing if we could get along with Russia?”
  91. After Tillerson said Saturday he was reaching out to Pyongyang in hopes of starting a new dialogue, Trump undercut him Sunday tweeting, “I told [Rex] he is wasting his time trying to negotiate with Little Rocket Man.”
  92. NBC reported Tillerson almost resigned this past summer after Trump’s Boy Scout speech. Days before that speech, Tillerson referred to Trump as a “moron” in a meeting with national security and Cabinet officials.
  93. After the report, Tillerson pulled together an impromptu news conference to publicly praise Trump. Bob Schieffer described it as, “not like a news conference, it was more like a hostage tape.”
  94. Sen. Bob Corker, a Trump ally during the campaign who is retiring, in a harsh rebuke of Trump, said Kelly, Mattis and Tillerson are the are the “people that help separate our country from chaos.”
  95. The New Yorker reported shortly after Tillerson was confirmed, he met Trump at the WH, and Trump “began fulminating about federal laws that prohibit American businesses from bribing officials overseas.”
  96. On Friday, for the first time in seven years, the US economy lost jobs. Expectation for September were to add 80k jobs; however, 33k jobs were lost. Job totals from July and August were also downwardly revised.
  97. On Thursday, at a dinner surrounded by military leaders and their spouses at the WH, Trump warned this is “the calm before the storm.” What he meant was unknown by even members of his staff.
  98. The mystery around his pronouncement continued on Friday when he was asked about the statement and responded, “you’ll find out,” then winked.
  99. A September AP-NORC poll showed Trump reaching his lowest approval yet: 32% approve, 67% disapprove. Trump’s approval among Republicans fell to 67%.
  100. The poll also found just 24% think the country is headed in the right direction, 26% believe Trump is a strong leader, 23% view him as honest, and 16% say he is level-headed.
  101. One year after the infamous “Access Hollywood” video went public, women’s advocacy group UltraViolet playing the footage, looping again and again, on a large screen on the Mall in DC for 12 hours straight.
  102. ProPublica reported Ivanka and Donald Jr. were close to being charged for a felony fraud in 2012 for misleading prospective buyers of units in the Trump SoHo. Their partners were Russians Felix Sater and Tevfik Arif.
  103. Kasowitz contributed $25k to Manhattan DA Vance before a sit-down, and later donated $32k. The case was dropped. Felix Sater is a frequent subject of The Weekly List, including involvement with Trump Tower Moscow.
  104. Breaking from the advice of Tillerson and Mattis, Trump is expected to decertify the landmark deal curbing Iran’s nuclear program. Iran has not breached the accord, but instead Trump claims the “spirit” of the deal.
  105. HuffPost reported the Trump regime is preparing repeal the Clean Power Plan, an Obama-era climate change policy which limits greenhouse gas emissions from power plants. Trump has called the policy, “stupid.”
  106. Almost three weeks after Hurricane Maria, as just 12% of Puerto Rico had electricity and 55% drinking water, on Saturday morning, Trump made his 69th trip to a Trump golf course of his 260 days in office.
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Bitcoin Price Will See $16,000 ‘Soon-Ish,’ Predicts Binance CEO CZ

Bitcoin Price Will See $16,000 ‘Soon-Ish,’ Predicts Binance CEO CZ
Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of major cryptocurrency exchange Binance, says a price of $16,000 per Bitcoin will happen “soon-ish,” in a tweet sent on Nov. 1. Zhao explains that price predictions are easy, but getting the timing right is hard.
The message was an answer to the tweet of another user who pointed out that the prediction of an anonymous 4chan user predicting Bitcoin’s price would hit $16,000 by the end of October turned out to be wrong. The given prediction also stated that BTC will hit $29,000 in the first quarter of next year, $56,000 in Q3 2020 and $87,000 in Q4 2020.
At the same time, other predictions are actually less modest. John McAfee, for example, doubled down recently on his $1M Bitcoin by 2020 prediction, arguing that Bitcoin’s next price surge will be triggered by its scarcity.
As Cointelegraph reported, the Bitcoin network mined its 18 millionth BTC last month, which means there are only 3 million BTC not yet in circulation.
Binance DEX is the DEX with the most volume
Meanwhile, yesterday Zhao claimed that the Binance’s blockchain decentralized exchange (DEX) Binance Chain has the most volume among DEX platforms.
The latest data released by Binance a few weeks ago reveals that Binance Chain, the blockchain powering the DEX platform in question, at the time reached more than 26 million transactions submitted by about 290 thousand addresses.
As Cointelegraph reported yesterday, competing non-custodial DEX Dolomite announced that on Nov. 8 it will add a margin trading with stop-loss orders.
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Bitcoin Price Will See $16,000 ‘Soon-Ish,’ Predicts Binance CEO CZ

Bitcoin Price Will See $16,000 ‘Soon-Ish,’ Predicts Binance CEO CZ
Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of major cryptocurrency exchange Binance, says a price of $16,000 per Bitcoin will happen “soon-ish,” in a tweet sent on Nov. 1. Zhao explains that price predictions are easy, but getting the timing right is hard.
The message was an answer to the tweet of another user who pointed out that the prediction of an anonymous 4chan user predicting Bitcoin’s price would hit $16,000 by the end of October turned out to be wrong. The given prediction also stated that BTC will hit $29,000 in the first quarter of next year, $56,000 in Q3 2020 and $87,000 in Q4 2020.
At the same time, other predictions are actually less modest. John McAfee, for example, doubled down recently on his $1M Bitcoin by 2020 prediction, arguing that Bitcoin’s next price surge will be triggered by its scarcity.
As Cointelegraph reported, the Bitcoin network mined its 18 millionth BTC last month, which means there are only 3 million BTC not yet in circulation.
Binance DEX is the DEX with the most volume
Meanwhile, yesterday Zhao claimed that the Binance’s blockchain decentralized exchange (DEX) Binance Chain has the most volume among DEX platforms.
The latest data released by Binance a few weeks ago reveals that Binance Chain, the blockchain powering the DEX platform in question, at the time reached more than 26 million transactions submitted by about 290 thousand addresses.
As Cointelegraph reported yesterday, competing non-custodial DEX Dolomite announced that on Nov. 8 it will add a margin trading with stop-loss orders.
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[Saturday, May 4 2019] Slave labor found at second Starbucks-certified Brazilian coffee farm; Multistate child exploitation operation bust leads to 82 arrests, 17 rescues; Prague Bans Plastic Cups At Music Festivals; CO2-sniffing plane finds oilsands emissions higher than industry reported

hi everyone! thanks for your patience this week - we're back to our regularly scheduled posts now. this post is long to make up for the past few days!





  • avogadros_number
    [Title Post] CO2-sniffing plane finds oilsands emissions higher than industry reported - Environment Canada researchers air samples tell a different story than industry calculations
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  • Attenborosaurus
    A new study finds that some traders in prehistoric Europe made fake amber beads to cheat rich people. The beads were so accurate, they fooled even a team of trained archaeologists at first.
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  • smurfyjenkins
    In 1996, a federal welfare reform prohibited convicted drug felons from ever obtaining food stamps. The ban increased recidivism among drug felons. The increase is driven by financially motivated crimes, suggesting that ex-convicts returned to crime to make up for the lost transfer income.
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  • mvea
    Evidence of ripples in the fabric of space and time found 5 times this month - Three of the gravitational wave signals are thought to be from two merging black holes, with the fourth emitted by colliding neutron stars. The fifth seems to be from the merger of a black hole and a neutron star.
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  • nopantsdolphin
    The fabled Razer Toaster finally becomes reality after six years of countless memes, 40,000 likes, one April Fools prank and 12 tattoos
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  • michapman2
    Almost 12 million pounds of Tyson chicken strips have been recalled because they might have metal
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  • kw5140
    Microsoft Has Released A Blockchain Manager Application
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  • Searchlights
    TIL a Stanford study (2016) found a positive correlation between use of profanity and honesty. In both individuals and groups, those who use profanity tend to be more fucking honest.
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  • TheDranoel
    TIL That President Andrew Jackson owned a parrot named Poll. When Jackson died Poll was present at his funeral, but had to be removed due to "Swearing and yelling profanities" that he learned from Jackson himself
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  • churchillsucks
    TIL Martin Luther King Jr. started a pillow fight in the hotel room with other civil rights leaders in the hour before he was assassinated
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  • HeadNed
    I'm Head Ned. I started and currently front a Ned Flanders themed metal band called Okilly Dokilly. AMA
  • jasonrogersusa
    I'm Jason Rogers — I won a medal at the Olympics but my toughest battle was in the bedroom. Ask me anything!



  • GarlicDead
    ELI5: How do series like Planet Earth capture footage of things like the inside of ant hills, or sharks feeding off of a dead whale?





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    A cake I baked for a raffle
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  • LeapOfFae
    Stella Parks’ White Mountain Layer Cake with Boozy Bourbon Marshmallow Buttercream (first time making marshmallows and using a cake turntable!)
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  • MoviesMod
    Director Jeff Fowler claims his VFX team will redesign the look of Sonic in the film Sonic the Hedgehog (2019) after major online backlash to the film's trailer
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  • roast_ghost
    Harper Lee planned to write her own true crime novel about an Alabama preacher accused of multiple murders. New evidence reveals that her perfectionism, drinking, and aversion to fame got in the way.
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  • SAT0725
    The Library of Congress has made a free online collection of a hundred children's books from a century or more ago available online
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  • AdamCannon
    George R.R. Martin says that three of HBO’s Game of Throne spinoffs are ‘moving forward nicely.’
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  • magikarpcatcher
    Kenan Thompson Tells Ellen He Isn’t Leaving ‘Saturday Night Live’: “Best Job In The World”
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    [WP]When you reach 18, you get put in a database which ranks you in different categories (ex. 207,145th in the world for most bug kills) You lived on a ranch and never used tech. You had to go into town after your 18th birthday. Everyone is staring at you. You finally decide to check the database.









    Fennec Fox and lives in the Sahara Desert. His big ears have 2 main functions. First of all it serves as a great hearing device, even able to hear preys underground. But it also helps to dissipate the enormous heats of the dessert
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The Case of the Bike Lock Fugitive: Looking for Critiques and Feedback

The Case of the Doppelganger, after I had published the adventure of John Doe and me, hadn’t garnered the reputation that I had expected for my internet sleuthing friend. Most of the day had flown by as I further focused on my classes, while John Doe did whatever John Doe does. But aside from our fairly mundane lives, our country was reeling in from the mires of chaos and conflict that was the 2016 presidential election.
You see, my readers, a certain man by the name of Mr. Donald Trump had gone from a billionaire to a president. The man was an outspoken, perhaps to a fault, businessman who had no prior experience as a politician. Perhaps this worked to his benefit, as he became endearing to the American people; so much so, that they decided to put Mr. Trump into the office.
Of course, being such an unusual player in the political game was bound to upset the game’s established veterans; and so, much of the political defense built during the previous president’s administration was unleashed onto Donald Trump. The media incessantly attacked him. The Republicans, the party that Donald Trump ran for, were iffy on this unconventional candidate so much so that they even staged a resistance display during the GOP nominations, the never Trumpers they called themselves. Despite all that, opposition and obstacles, Mr. Trump still became President Trump, to the screams of no and disbelief of most of the Democrats and liberals.
The year 2017, the first year of President Trump’s actual presidency, was a year recovering from the lash of 2016 brutal presidential run; where the minds and hearts of the American citizen still boiled with tribal sentiment and hatred toward their fellow American. And nowhere, my readers exemplified the political climate that exists today then an incident in Berkley, California, dubbed, “The Battle of Berkley.”
“This is crazy!” I said watching YouTube videos that captured moment by moment of what was going on in Berkley.
“Hmm?” John Doe murmured turning from his work. “What are you on about?”
“There’s a big fight going on Berkley right now. Check it out!” I turn my laptop to show John Doe a particular incident where, after a guy had thrown a smoke bomb into the crowd, the crowd devolved into hand to hand combat.
“Hmm, and who might those darkly dressed terrorists be?” John Doe asked referring to a group among the crowd dressed in dark attire, with black masks, sunglasses, and cap all, of course, varying in their attire composition.
“Darkly dressed terrorist? Oh! You must be referring to Antifa. Yeah, they have the habit of dressing themselves like that to hide their identity when they start causing problems like ‘punching’ a nazi or whatever else.”
“Hmm…” John Doe leans back on his chair and pulls out a cigarette. “That’s rather ironic.”
“What do you mean?” I responded.
“For a group that prides itself in punching a nazi, would it be logical to presume that they are against fascist and their ideology?” John Doe lights his cigarette.
“I guess?” I said.
“Then, pray, tell why is this group employing the same tactics of intimidation and violence that the Sturmabteilung or the Blackshirts of Fascist Italy employed to silence opposing opinions, nazi or otherwise?” John Doe takes a puff from his cigarette.
“I don’t know, you should ask them yourself.”
“And who, pray, tell, are those motley crew of lads donning shields that seem to have been purchased at an Avenger section of a toy store.”
“What are you-“ I turn my laptop, “Oh, those are just other protestors. Yeah, I can see why you would think they would be in some organization.” Since, after all my readers, the opposing lots wore football helmets, painted of course, which was to protect their head from the occasional head strike from the crowd.
“Hmm, I notice some of them are wearing Proud boys shirts?”
“Yeah. I think that was a group that arose in response to Antifa violen-“
“So, violence responded by violence.” John cuts in.
“Well I mean, it’s mostly self-defense based on what I’ve seen so far. Antifa seems to always be the aggressor.”
“I never took you to be so knowledgeable in our political climate, Steven.”
“How can you not be?” I put my laptop aside. “With all this conflict going on in our country, with the last election and all, I’m surprised you’re this naïve about what’s going on.”
“I never cared for politics, Steven. Because what usually happens out there, in all those riots and rallies, has never really affected us here, in our quiet city of Wilmington. The only time politics have intruded our lives is when the IRS comes knocking, and even then, that’s brief.”
I shake my head. “That’s easy for you, an introvert, to say. But if you haven’t noticed, history is manifesting before our very eyes. I mean just look; people are going to remember this skirmish as a prime example of the political climate among the American people. Don’t you want to be conscious of that? What we do matters, John, even if it be a simple as one vote. Did you even vote at this election?”
When I had put my laptop aside, the video was automatically moving over to other videos when it ended. By chance or fate, the video that came up next would prove to be our very next case. While John and I were arguing, John was keeping his eyes on the video.
“Could you replay that, Steven?”
“What?” I turn over to my laptop and saw a guy having his head bandaged. There was a lot of blood pouring from his head.
“The hell happened?” I exclaimed and rewind the video.
“True to formula, it seems our anti-fascist Antifa struck our fascist.”
After rewinding the video, we saw what seemed to be an altercation between pro-Trump and anti-Trump, each congregated to their sides. It started with someone recording, and a female on the opposite side going in for a snatch but missing the phone. Emboldened by this, a large woman in a bandana mask goes in for a slap toward the guy holding the phone, but again, misses. After this brief altercation, a fellow in a red shirt tried to step between the two now shouting individuals and tried to calm down the situation. Suddenly, an Antifa member, clad in all black, slithered his way through the crowd and smashed the head of the red shirt individual trying to keep the crowd calm, with what seemed to be a bike lock.
“Damn, that must’ve dented his skull,” I said. The guy standing behind the red shirt victim pulled out his pepper spray and tried to spray the assailant but missed. The camera focuses on the red shirt guy, ending our view of the assailant.
The video proceeded to follow the assaulted victim as someone shouted for a medic.
“Jesus, he’s bleeding badly,” I said as I saw a guy wearing a red cross bookbag with a white crossed construction helmet pull out a rolled gauze to stop the bleeding.
“Where were the police in all this?” John Doe asked.
“I don’t know, let me find out.” I typed in ‘Berkley riot, police’ in the search bar. The first video that showed up was thumbnail of two police officers standing beside their car. Of course, curiosity troubled us both as we endeavored to make sense of the absence of the police amidst the chaos.
The video depicted a young man, who was holding the camera, walked up to the two cops posted at a different block away from the protesters tearing each other apart. The young man asked why they were just watching while the violence was erupting in the streets.
The cop sitting in the car said, “That would be a good question for the chief of police.”
The other cop, standing to the side of the car, deflected all questions to the department of public information officer.
The young man continued to prod for answers, “I’ve been wondering, I mean, I’ve just been watching people all day get beat up pretty bad and I haven’t seen you guys around much.”
“Mhmm, ok, and?” The officer standing replied coldly.
I notice John Doe shaking his head.
“Expect the police to fail you at your hour of need. And expect to be paid for it.” John murmured.
“Well hold on,” I said, closing the laptop. “Didn’t you hear the other one? They’re not all bad.”
“Shit in one room, and no shit in another still means there’s shit in the building.” John said crossing his arm and leaning back.
“John, the situation is volatile. If we had a rogue cop disobeying orders or acting on their own, they would just make things worse. I’m sure there is a good reason as to why the chief of police told them to stand down.”
“I’m sure there is.”
“What’s that suppose to mean?”
“What makes you think, Steven, that the chief of police or even the mayor of the damned city itself isn’t in league with the Antifa themselves?”
“In league? Now you’re talking crazy John.”
“But is it impossible, Steven? What stopping the mayor or other people in the position of power to share the sentiment of Antifa’s goal of punching a Nazi and influencing the chief of police to issue an order of passivity to his deputies.”
“But, John, that may not be th-.”
“It’s not whether they ‘may or may not,’ it’s whether they can or cannot. Because if people can, then they most definitely will.”
“John,” I said exacerbated. “We can’t always assume the worst of people! Especially in a thankless job as being a police officer. You know John, more and more police officers are quitting their jobs because, compound by their high stress and high-risk mortal encounters, they are being ridiculed and disrespected for just doing their job! What do you think, John, with this vacuum of police officers created by people like you, would result in? It’ll be filled with career cops, with incompetent cops, with cops who just do not care. That’s how senseless shooting happens, John. Careless work.”
“Care to wager on that?”
“Wager? Wha-what are you talking about?”
“That prediction of yours, my dear friend. I do believe it already come to pass. When was that Bike lock video posted?”
“Uhh.” I open my laptop. “I don’t see what’s that got to do with anything…uhh…April 20, 2017.
“Approximately to the time of the incident would be reasonable?”
“I guess…what are you getting at?”
“I’ll wager, my dear friend, that I’ll be able to identify that brute much faster than those officers of the law.”
“But aren’t the cops tied down with the protest going on.”
“And ignore this injustice? No, I do believe they have enough manpower, at least my taxes would ensure they do, to handle this obvious assault. I’ll wager I can do what the police may take a month or so to do.” John pulls out a hundred-dollar bill and hands it to me. “If the police unmask the criminal and arrest him before me, you may keep that bill. But if I identify the criminal before them, then you return that hundred-dollar bill with a hundred of your own. What do you say, John?”
I look at the hundred-dollar bill and back at John. “You’re on!”
Now I know what you might be thinking, reader, ‘isn’t your friend an insanely good hacker or something’ but hear me out. The Battle of Berkley occurred at Berkley, California; that’s a whole country apart from our little Wilmington, North Carolina. Even if John Doe uncovered the Bike Lock Fugitive, I doubt he would be able in time to report his findings to the police before the police themselves uncover the fugitive. Now if I had wagered on this calculation alone, then I might indeed by screwed, what with the speed of information that travels nowadays. So, my other argument as to why I didn’t fuck up was that among the thousands of people, among the chaos that was the Battle of Berkley, I doubt someone, even as good as John, would be able to locate one person. It’s like finding a needle in a haystack the size of a city! Finally, the first few days of this investigation, as I observed John Doe pour over thousands of videos and recordings of the Battle of Berkley, seemed unfruitful.
“So, Mr. Internet sleuth. How is your investigation?" I said as I returned from my classes back to the apartment.
“Don’t mock me, Steven, these things take time.”
I swing my backpack down and slump into a couch. "well, can you at least tell me what you are doing?”
“Gathering evidence. I might not be at the crime scene physically, but I am there mentally, watching through the perspective of many recorders documenting the event in all it’s a vertical or horizontal screen, grainy or HD.”
“But what are you looking for” I said.
John pulls out a screenshot of the video depicting the Bike lock fugitive the moment he struck our victim. “Tell me, what do you see?”
“Uh, a thug hitting someone with a bike lock?”
“No, Steven, look harder, what do you see?”
“I’m not getting what you’re on about, John?"
John shakes his head. “What you see is a thug hitting someone with a bike lock, I see a criminal’s profile, starting with its physical attributes. Do not mistake me. I do not intend to use the method of John Douglas when you hear the word criminal profiling. No, you see, my method differs as I do not delve into the psychology of the criminal's behavior, but rather takes advantage of minute clues this criminal gives to formulate an identifiable profile. Tell me, Steven, what do you see?”
“Um, well, a guy in all black, uhm, a hoodie, I think. The sleeves do seem to cover the entirety of his arm. Dark sunglasses, golden rims, I think. Black gloves. The bike lock. But John, remember, there were so many people who wore the same stuff as him.”
“Not necessarily true, indeed they all wore in similarity, but not an exact copy. However, we cannot go on clothes alone. What else do you see?”
“Uh, I guess his height is slightly taller than average.” I tried to look closer due to the video being so grainy, “yellow, no dirty blonde maybe? But these are all guesses, John, and there are thousands of videos. Too much for one man to go alone.”
“In this case, my dear friend, guesses are better than having nothing. We, at least, have something to go on. And do not think I am working alone.” John opens up a browser and typed a website with a 4-clover icon. “It seems, there are others similarly outraged at this injustice. Welcome to 4chan, the cesspool of scum and trollery. A website, equivalent to a bar in the bad part of the city; and, at this corner of the bar,” John opens a forum that was dedicated to finding out who the Bike lock fugitive is, “will be our investigation team.”
“Hey, wait, you can’t get help! That’s against the wager!”
“Is it, Steven? How is the employment of forums dedicated to this mystery any different from having an investigation department within the police to solve any crime? Besides, I don’t necessarily recall having made such limitation.”
John opens a specific tab in the forums. What popped up were snippets of the Battle of Berkley. “You see, Steven, I have been gathering with the help of the forum, pictures, and videos that contained the criminal. Look here.”
John shows a video where the Bikelock fugitive, in the same attire and all, was trying to hit a man in a neon green bike helmet and a blue shirt with a captain American shield at the center. The Bike lock Fugitive, however, missed and he slouched over, revealing an overloaded black backpack. The second video showed his gray jeans. John then opens another video, of a thug carrying a black and red flag, the insignia of Antifa. Beside the flag bearer of violence was, ours truly, the Bike lock Fugitive, standing beside his fellows. In this video, his hair showed a lot more, revealing a bleach blonde color, holding the signature weapon, the bike lock.
“You know, Steven, this job would indeed be much harder had not this thug carried that weapon around. Observe.” John opens another video, where it was much up close of the Bike Lock Fugitive than the previous videos, as the Bike Lock Fugitive swung and miss. A green band decorated the wrist of the glove.
“Now, my dear friend, all we must do is compile the video that contains our fugitive and build the physical profile.”
By now, my readers, you might think I am screwed. And for a moment I too shared this hopeless sentiment. But I quickly reasoned. Think about it. John Doe, through his effort, might have compiled clues of the assailant, but that was all he could do. All John Doe and his peers did were find the Bike Lock Fugitive, but not who, the Bike Lock Fugitive was. A few days go by and I greet my roommate hard at work.
“How’s it going?”
“6ft at approximal.”
“Oh, come on, how can you possibly guess that?”
“Not guess, Steven, calculated. Another video surfaced with our fugitive meandering by. Tell me, what new data can you observe?”
“Uh; I mean. I-he’s holding his bike lock, still has the mask, black backpack, short sleeve black shirt, same stuff John I’m not getting it.”
“Steven, Steven. You are still seeing but not observing. Here.” John tossed to me an empty Starbuck venti that I hadn’t noticed until he grabbed it. “Measure it for me, will you?”
“What does this Starbuck cup have to do with the investigation?”
“Everything, now what is the height?”
“Uhh,” I took the ruler and measured it. “6.5 inches.”
“See that woman?” John said pointing to a woman holding the very same Starbuck venti cup. “This is the same 24 oz cup you possess in your hand. The beauty of this latest video, my dear friend, is that we not only have a digital measuring tool, but a whole physical display of our fugitive. Now, all we do is edit the photo to copy the Starbuck venti cup and stack it beside our criminal, totaling approximately 11 venti cups. Knowing that the cup is 6.5 inches we can see that 11*6.5 inches would give us. 71.5 inches. 71.5 inches converted to feet is approximately 6 ft. Therefore, we can conclude this bike lock fugitive is approximately 6 ft with plus or minus some margin of error.
“Now, lets review.” John Doe filled his large three monitors with numerous photos of the Bike Lock Fugitive in red circles. “The Bike Lock Fugitive is a criminal prone to violence yet cowardly enough to not take responsibility for his actions. His physical characteristics reveal that the fugitive is six ft, dirty blonde, white complexion with blue eyes as evident in some photos of the fugitive without his glasses, presumably lost in the numerous scuffles he embroiled himself in. The Bike Lock Fugitive doesn’t seem too physically fit, for a man who must use a weapon as his means of attack. In terms of attire, the fugitive has black bandana and a black hoodie, golden rimmed sunglasses, black gloves with a green rim on the wrist, black backpack, and of course the black bike lock. All we must do now, Steven, is to locate an individual that matches these details.”
At this point, I was still not discouraged. If you recall, my readers, John Doe has done well to identify the profile of the Bike Lock Fugitive, but again, not who the Bike Lock Fugitive is. There were thousands of people at that event, and videos showed that the Bike Lock Fugitive was everywhere. There’s no way John and even all the powers of his peers can pinpoint this man. Smiling on this thought, I entered John’s room.
“We found him.”
“No fucking way!” I coughed as some water I had been drinking flushed into the wrong hole. As I gasped for air I said, “that’s that’s impossible!”
“Improbable, my dear friend, but not impossible. The criminal was identified by a fellow 4chan user. After I had submitted the information I shared with you a few days ago, I was contacted by this particular individual. You see, this fellow had come across my post on the forums. His method of detection was to take my information and filter it for bare inevitabilities.”
“Bare inevitability?”
“Indeed, something that the Bike Lock Fugitive would neglect to change when going from an unsuspecting man to an assailant. Again, to play on the psychology of our criminal. It is like identifying superman from Clark Kent, from the old comics, whose only drastic change between the two was that the latter had glasses. The body structure was the same, hair the same color and shape. Jawline similarly masculine between the two. Bare inevitabilities refer to factors that cannot be changed or, in our case, are neglected in their attempt at disguise. You see, in our Bike Lock Fugitive, the only changes were mask, hoodie, shirt, and gloves. But the shoes,” John Doe opens a frame zoomed onto the fugitive shoes and a image zoomed on the man’s shoes, “The shoes are a match. The eyes,” John opens another frame.
“They’re both blue,” I said.
“A match. The criminal even wore the same gold-rimmed sunglasses.” John opens three frames, two of which were the man wearing his sunglasses and the other image with the sunglasses ontop of his head, compared to the Bike Lock Fugitive with the sunglasses on. “A match.”
“When we shared our discovery to the forum, another 4channer, a fellow hacker, had located the man’s social media and super imposed the translucent image of the Bike Lock Fugitive on the man’s pictures, a match, albeit a fickle one.”
“Another 4channer, a programmer by trade, who was very vocal in his anger against this thug had created a facial recognition software designed to specifically learn about the images of this man and then filter it through other probably candidates. He ran our data through his program, and concluded a match, 80% at least.”
“And then, of course, a video emerged which I believe single-handedly solved the case itself.”
“Why do you think that?” I asked, sweating a bit.
“Because the man’s mask fell off.”
True enough, it was a video of another brawl on the Berkley streets, and in the chaos and madness, I saw our elusive fugitive using his weapon of choice, the bike lock, and missing as always. “You see the force of the downward swing resulted in the fugitive losing his balance, and by the work of gravity, slipping off his mask to reveal Jason Melbourne, the Bike lock fugitive.”
I sunk in my chair. John Doe did it. He uncovered the pin in the haystack. “Well, I’ll be damned. I hate to say it, but you did it.”
“We did it. It was my colleague at 4chan that did most of the work. I, among them, were simply a cog in their investigation machinery.”
I reach into my pocket to pull out John Doe’s Benjamin. “I currently don’t have a 100 on me, think I can pay you back some other time.”
“Not a problem.”
“So, what are you guys going to do with the information now?”
“The only thing we can do, turn it to the police. But do not think my investigation is done.”
“What do you mean?”
“We may have identified the Bike Lock Fugitive, but I am not satisfied, and neither are our colleagues. I want to know more. I want to know where he works, what he works as. I want to know where he lives, his criminal records, everything.”
“But why? You caught the guy, what’s the point of knowing all this information.”
“Justice, vigilante justice to be precise. The evidence is presented, the court of public opinion will condemn this man with the evidence we provide. This man must now face the justice of the internet.”
“What the hell are you talking about, John?”
“Steven,” John stops his work and turns to me. “Ever thought it strange that the police had a minimal effect in Berkley riots, even when the citizens were punching each other teeth in? Berkley, that city has a history of leftist madness, history of protest and riots generating sound and fury that signified nothing. Ever thought it coincidental, that these Antifa thugs have these free reigns of chaos in these leftist cities, all the while regular citizens are to suffer under its violence, and the police, arbiter of ‘law and order’ merely watched. The same people who wear that badge of justice should be ashamed at such injustice, ashamed that mere amateurs on the internet uncovered investigative work that we paid for with our taxes.”
“John, you’re talking conspiratorially again.”
“And what if I am? I never claim anything without good evidence behind it. In the court of laws and the court of public opinion, this man is undoubtedly guilty. But I can promise you, that violent thug will find mercy in the court of law then he will in the court of public opinion.”
“John, what you’re advocating, what you’re saying in promoting this mob outrage is the steppingstones to the destruction of our already fragile country. I don’t even know if that man is guilty! Using vigilante justice makes you no better than those Antifa thugs!”
“And how else are we to resist then, huh? Please, do enlighten me the degree at which I am to turn my other cheek after they’ve struck the former. Tell me, at what position should I lay as these thugs trample our streets to provide the best floor mat that welcomes and encourage their violent behavior. Tell me, Steven, how many skulls must be cracked with a Bike Lock, or jaw dislocated to finally understand that when in the face of violent opposition, retaliation is the only suitable answer, Mr. Arbiter-of-moral-values. How can you reason, with someone who will not hear reason? How can you argue, with people who will not listen to arguments? How can you sit and play the game of civility when your opponent is constantly flipping the table, board, pieces, and all!” John shouted standing up.
I took a deep breath and looked up at John. “Look, John, I know the country is crazy right now. I know with the election of President Trump, Americans are divided on this. But we cannot stroke the flames of division! Right now, we’re fighting the political war, yes, but we’re winning the moral war. If we lose our convictions, what does this country have but both sides trying to accomplish their ends without a damn consideration of means, which means, anything is possible. Our fellow Americans that are like the Antifa have forsaken morality, they’ve renounced the means for the ends, whether they want to admit it or not. John, the means may or may not justify the end, but they certainly shape the end; and the end of such an outcome is not a bright one! A country divided cannot stand, as Abraham Lincoln once said, but a country that forsaken its moral aptitude and civility is destined to fall!”
John and I looked at each other in silence, letting the steam blow off. I first spoke, “just, trust the system. Let the police handle it. What you and the 4chan guys did help them worry about one less criminal. Just give the evidence to the police and let them handle it. All right?”
John looked at me. His eyes burning with rage. He swipes his face with his hand and let out of a long sign. “Okay,” he said sitting back down “but give it time. I’m sure the system will fail you. But at this point, you need to see it for yourself.”
After this heated encounter. John and I grew a little distant. I, of course, followed the developments of the news regarding the Bike Lock Fugitive. Using the information that John Doe and his peers provided, the Berkley police were able to arrest Jason Melbourne with assault with a deadly weapon. Only then did the mainstream media covered this incidence, as I would guess that it wasn’t worthy of national news, but they certainly were all over the Berkley clash. John, of course, didn’t listen to me and doxed every information he and his colleges could find regarding Jason Melbourne and disseminated the information throughout many different sites. As regards to our victim, he ended up having to get stitches due to the injury.
However, my readers, I hate to inform you that Jason Melbourne got off with three-year probation as he took a plea deal. Originally, he was supposed to be charged with assault with a deadly weapon, but that was dropped by the district attorney. At least, that was what I read on my phone.
“Unbelievable!” I exclaimed as I entered John Doe’s room. I noticed John Doe sitting facing the window whilst reading a letter with one hand and smoking a cigarette with another.
“What’s the matter?” John Doe said looking up from his letter.
“The Bike Lock Fugitive, he got off with a plea deal. The district attorney didn’t think to charge him for assault! The man won’t even see jail sentence for the crime he has committed.” I slump down on the sofa. “Unbelievable.” I murmured. “You were right. You really can’t find justice at this time anymore. Scums protecting scums in the hopes that news like this wouldn’t surface to the public. I didn’t even see that much reporting on tv over this.” I poured myself some coffee.
“They’re not all bad.” John Doe said tapping his cigarette on the ashtray.
“Come again?”
“The police I mean, they're not all bad. Some genuine people appreciate justice delivered.”
“I don’t understand, one day you were ranting about the police and the justice system, and now when I rant about them, you take the opposite approach?”
“I received a letter, stamped from Berkley, California. Apparently, from a policeman active during that chaotic event. He must have gotten my address while as I submitted my evidence to the Berkley police by mail. Here are the contents.”
Dear John Doe,
On the matter of whether such a name is truly yours or not, I will not pry as much but I would like to thank you on behalf of our department for helping us capture one criminal. We had been swamped recently with processing many arrests at that event. Furthermore, our activities were limited by the direction of the mayor. Believe me, when I say, standing back, witnessing assaults left and right, witnessing damage of property, I wanted to step in. But we had orders, as did many of my colleagues. The evidence that you and your peers submitted to help us catch the criminal was a great help to the police department and I cannot express any but my sincere gratitude.
Robert Jekings, PD.
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The Week in Wokehammer

First off, it’s been a fraught week for us anti-fascists. We’ve had the tragic and senseless terrorist attack in Christchurch NZ, which has in turn sparked weak justifications and defences from the Alt-Right and Alt-Light due to the shooters’ manifesto being chock-full of reactionary 4chan-style memes. Thank goodness for egg boy, who broke though the yoke of fashy excuses with yolk.
Anyway, we should not forget the events of NZ but also allow ourselves to continue living lives of internet frivolity. So, here’s what I believe are the highlights of the sub this week.

Ultimate Comrade
To celebrate our first 500 subscribers (which was only last week), we launched a tournament to decide who the subs leftist mascot faction is. We’ve learned several things from the tourney, which has just qualified its finalists.

40k is more popular (duh)
Having separate 40k and AoS halves of the tournament tree was probably wise, because the qualifiers have made it clear most subs are more familiar with the 40k side of things. For example, in LOSING their match-up, the Genestealer Cults got more votes than the combined tallies of BCR and SCE.

AoS for lib, 40k for auth
One interesting pattern which emerged from the qualifier rounds is that for the AoS brackets the anarchist factions (Sylvaneth and Beastclaw raiders) bested their more authoritarian opponents (Nurgle and Stormcast), while this tendency was REVERSED in the 40k brackets. Tankie weeb T’au bested the anti-imperial Genestealer rebels, while the Orks (admittedly the most authoritarian but at least more cohesive and hierarchical than their opponent) krumped the chaotic freedom of Slaaneshi pleasure cults.

Green waves
Half of the brackets were so close that they were impossible to call for most of the day. Slaanesh vs Orks was probably especially interesting to watch: Slaanesh at one point had a 6-vote lead, but the Orks came back in a green wave. Sykveanth vs Nurgle began a total thrashing, but Nurgle also picked back up until the trees won by a slim margin. Most recently, the heavyweight bout between T’au and Ork rages on, with the gap closing after an Ork lead. It’s all still to play for…
edit: looks like the gitposting efforts of the T'au are yielding the last few votes needed to win! Onto the next round.

Chaos ain’t no comrade
Sad as I am as a Slaanesh player, neither the Prince of Pleasure nor Nurgle (the two gods which came first and second respectively in the sub’s chaos god poll) made it out of the qualifiers. None of this is completely surprising, as Chaos inherently has a 'bootstraps' egoist approach to things, sucking in people with the promise of progression, perhaps earning that coveted Daemon Prince promotion. Speaking of chaos…

Khorne is Khorporate
The new Khorne book is up for pre-order, but I don’t think many among this sub will be painting up a Khorne army. Which is not to say Khorne isn’t cool (I’d go so far as to say the aesthetic is iconic), but after coming out with a measly 2% in our ‘Best Chaos God’ vote as well as my hot take that Khorne is Khorporate, it’s safe to say that Khorne is no Comrade.

Content on the sub
This last one is more of a question to you all. As this sub grows, so does activity (all a very good thing) and the jack-of-all-trades nature of the sub does beg the question: what do you see as the ideal ratio of content type and how should it be encouraged? We've had important Public Information announcements about the more egregiously reactionary celebrities in the hobby. Depressing reading for those who want a sub free of chud stuff, but it's also very important and useful to call these chuds out.
Similarly, it's great to see people get involved gitposting, and it's perhaps expected that this has become a large part of recent content. Ideally this isn't a meme-only sub, so my question would be how to encourage more hobby posts, for example? This last part is more testing the waters for what people want out of the sub, I'm curious to get responses.
Anyway, that wraps up the second week of Sigmarxism. What are your takeaways?

Oh, also welcome to our two new mods: DuXRoparzh (the T'au evangeliser) and ThisIsMyChapoAccount (Ork Soyboy)

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my story; I have finally courage to speak about it

Dear BCH supporters,
I would like to share - very compact - my crypto story, my success but also my biggest mistake, which ironically made me trust BCH even more
I started in crypto in February with my first deposits.. I had been following bitcoin since 2013 ( i even remember still watching the price on a ticker go from 30 to about 120 usd in a matter of hours ), but was always afraid to actually put money in...
Last February i read about the March 11 ( then afterwards March13) bitcoin ETF decision and i thought it would not pass and therefor i was going to bet against bitcoin and for alts... I was never a maximalist btw and always thought that eventually bitcoin will be replaced by something better... it happened before many times in many industries..
Anyway, I had been reading and was intrigued by Ripple since 2015, not because i like it but simply because Banker coin, and bankers always win..
So in February/March i took all my savings around 14.000 euro and bought 50% xrp and 50% Ethereum... I caught both waves, respectively: xrp from $0.01 to about $0.2 and eth from $24 to about $300... Once ethereum hits its ceiling in June at $400 and started dipping i sold all for btc and xrp for btc and started to short Ethereum on margin on Poloniex... I was very addicted to everything ethereum and had a good grasp for the price and shorting earned me extra btc - even though i messed up there too - so that by the fork i had 80 bitcoins...
Having my btc on Trezor it took 4 days before i could move it to bittrex and 20 confirmations before i could sell my 80 BCH for 0.09... I then had around 87 Bitcoins.... Then I read the 'infamous' conspiracy 4chan message about these guys are playing high stakes poker and they are angry and have a plan ( if you remember what im referring too)...
Suddenly I felt Bitcoin Cash was indeed the real deal ( keep in mind i never took part in the scaling debate or was even much informed about this, no political involvement or opinion whatsoever)... but it was clear to me that there was a serious group in bitcoin that supported Bitcoin Cash sincerely..
So on August 6th, at 0.055 i converted all my BTC into BCH for a total number of 1311 BCH... and stored it back on my Trezor... Then the first Korean pump happened and my life became a blur...
Being unexperienced in trading and overwhelmed i became full of joy, fear and panic at the same time... i thought the flippening happened, then i read scam everywhere... i became a concern troll, i listened to Richard Heart, then to Roger Ver.. i read and read and lost control of what i knew all along...
When BCH dumped i sold low, then bought back in high, sold low in a dump , fomo'ed back in high... it became a mayhem in my head (and all of this happened within a couple of weeks)
Then came the China scare and i fucked up again and again... My crypto ''career'' was a straight line up until BCH.. And suddenly i saw my insane profits decimate continously due to my stupid behaviour...and eventually i had 500 BCH left and sold them all when BCH fell below 300 euro in October...
I was devastated because deep down inside i knew all along BCH was the right choice... but still i made shit loads of fiat money, as my parents kept telling , but i was mad as hell, and for good reason since i went full retard last fall...
A little later when BCH made its first spike back to 500 euro i regained my confidence and bought back in with half of the money i cashed out at 300, and have been in peace ever since...
Im a 30 year old with no prior experience but recently bought a cool Mercedes Benz and just bought an apartment which a year ago was not even a possibility in my wildest dreams...
Today I understand that I could have been the smart money, but im still the early adopter... I will get there, that much is certain for me.. but if there is anything to take from this for you... is that Bitcoin Cash has proven to me and the world that it is unstoppable... this sub also shows that the community is truly grass roots... so read my story and laugh at my mistakes, but know that Bitcoin Cash is the most solid (extremely volatile) investment in this world today... and the future of cash
Tell everybody in your family and friend circle... it is real...and it is growing up fast... and even though we are all in it for the money.. i am starting to understand the actual value of P2P permission less cash and what it will mean for humanity long term
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A talk about Financial Risk and Bubble trend. Hope it is useful to someone. Warning[long read]

Firstly a little background about me
spring 2018 I will be graduating with a bachelor degree in Finance, I have invested in the stock market for 4 years now. My interest, hobby, and education I would fairly say that I know more than the average man on the field of finance.
In 2011 I started mining bitcoins, due to just seeing it on 4Chan I believe? I was young and did not understand a shit about what I was doing. However after mining 2 BTC I just meh...
A couple of years go by the hype comes and hit global news coverage. And we see huge price increases, my first reaction was too much risk for my taste, fair enough.
THEN old friends start messaging me about bitcoin,lightcoin,etherum and what not, Simply because I was the investing geek back in high school. I recommended they should not invest because of the risk associated with it and they could not afford to lose it. Of course I couldn't have been more wrong, but still, some part of me cant grasp the underlying value of bitcoin.
As an investor with a finance background, certain things just screams red flag for me. And just so we all are on the same plan returns works in a fantastic way, higher returns just compensate for the risk, finance 101.
1) I am a member of a certified investor group in some way you could call "experts", they have been trading and investing their whole life. NONE of them have touched cryptocurrency because of the risk and BUBBLE trends we are seeing. that made me a skeptic.
2) Tons of "common" people talk about getting rich, investing in crypto. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A FREE LUNCH at the same time experts in finance says KEEP THE FUCK AWAY. Example
3) Looking at Reddit/facebook forums makes me just baffled, people, talking about 1MIOTAS going to 1000$ like how in the fucking math. Just some simple here if we where to reach half of the market cap of bitcoin ( that is already crazy high) that is $182 771 118 802 /2 = $ 91,385,559,401 we get: 2,779,530,283 MIOTAS times ish $30 = $83,385908,490 probably $33. I think that proves my point.
4) People that should not invest, are investing.
Further, on let's say some criteria for BUBBLE trends that are based on history
Definition:* An economic bubble or asset bubble (sometimes also referred to as a speculative bubble, a market bubble, a price bubble, a financial bubble, a speculative mania, or a balloon) is trade in an asset at a price or price range that strongly exceeds the asset's intrinsic value.[1][2][3] It could also be described as a situation in which asset prices appear to be based on implausible or inconsistent views about the future.*
5 steps of a bubble (Displacement, Boom, Euphoria, profit, and panic)
Displacement: A displacement occurs when investors get enamored by a new paradigm, such as an innovative new technology or interest rates that are historically low. Check
Boom: Prices rise slowly at first, following a displacement, but then gain momentum as more and more participants enter the market, setting the stage for the boom phase. During this phase, the asset in question attracts widespread media coverage. Fear of missing out on what could be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity spurs more speculation, drawing an increasing number of participants into the fold. Ultra check
Euphoria: During this phase, caution is thrown to the wind, as asset prices skyrocket. The "greater fool" theory plays out everywhere. Valuations reach extreme levels during this phase. Ongoing right now
Profit Taking: By this time, the smart money – heeding the warning signs – is generally selling out positions and taking profits. But estimating the exact time when a bubble is due to collapse can be a difficult exercise and extremely hazardous to one's financial health, because, as John Maynard Keynes put it, "the markets can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent." Note that it only takes a relatively minor event to prick a bubble, but once it is pricked, the bubble cannot "inflate" again. Yet to start
Panic: In the panic stage, asset prices reverse course and descend as rapidly as they had ascended. Investors and speculators, faced with margin calls and plunging values of their holdings, now want to liquidate them at any price. As supply overwhelms demand, asset prices slide sharply. Yet to start
And there is so much more theory on this field, but my checklist is checked out.
I love everything behind IOTA and the technology, there is a limit to how much I can understand. But I can grasp the major differences between IOTA and bitcoin as such. I am myself invested in IOTA but that's mainly because I believe that I can be wrong, I would say that it is naive to conclude this is a bubble. So I have a put a portion I can afford to lose and that's it, and I am well aware of the risk. But my point here is that so many others are NOT.
Humans learn slow and keep making the same mistakes, few people manage to earn money from crises. As a fun fact, financial crises occur every 8-10 year, our last one would be the financial crisis in 2008. Source
My conclusion from this: DONT PUT YOUR SAVINGS IN CRYPTO if you cant afford to lose it get the hell away. There has been too much crisis based on tulips, real estate, fake companies and the list goes long.
This post was made because I feel there is much hype and not so much reality, people live different lives and struggle more with money than others. So please warn accordingly, don't hype things you don't know jack shit about in reality.
Peace Fellow Iota members, sorry for the long read.
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