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Utrum in a nutshell

Utrum is a decentralized platform which provides a network of content, feedback, metrics, analyses, and community between members.
The decentralized platform has five primary mechanisms to it:
  1. It implements rewards for user participation, similar to Steemit
  2. It is a curated reviews platform, similar to Glassdoor
  3. It has a marketplace, similar to Fiverr
  4. It includes market predictions, similar to Trading View
  5. It implements team and company database, similar to Crunchbase
All of this targeted specifically to Crypto of course. As you can see, Utrum is overall a Curated Reviews & Knowledge platform.
As such, crypto-investments are reviewed and rated, market predictions are analyzed or accessed…dissimilar however to centralized platforms in that Utrum combines rewards and curation in a way which promotes quality and accuracy.
To whittle it down, Utrum provides Ai-supported Rewarded Quality Curating by Members in a mechanism we call “Crowd Wisdom.”

White Paper:
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Free BitCoin Minning with CryptoTab - Sinhala - YouTube

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